Mystery Reader

What is a Mystery Reader?
Mystery Readers are special guests who come to our classroom to read a story to the class.   The children LOVE to see a special someone get involved in reading to our class.

Who is a Mystery Reader?
Mystery Readers can be a parent, grandparent, younger sibling, older sibling, relative, or special family friend.  We welcome all special people in our lives!

When do Mystery Readers come?
Mystery Readers check in at the office and will be sent to the classroom.  Mystery Readers should arrive on Friday at either 1:50pm, 2:00pm, or 2:45pm (depending on our schedule that day).  However, if a Mystery Reader needs a different day/time to share a book with us, please email me, and we will work it out.  If a special someone is visiting from out of town and would love to be included as a Mystery Reader, please email me.  We will be happy to accommodate, as we want everyone to have an opportunity to share time with us!

Where do I sign up to be a Mystery Reader?
A sign-up sheet was available at Back to School Night.  If you did not sign up, but would love to be included in this program, please email me.  I will send you available dates, and if these don't work, we will find a date.  Your child will be SO excited that you chose to participate.  Remember to keep this date TOP SECRET, even from your own child!

How does the Mystery Reader program work?
The week prior to your visit, I will send you a reminder.  At this time you can start thinking of a book that you would like to read.  You will have about fifteen minutes to read, so a picture book works perfectly.  It could be one of your favorites or a family favorite!  If you don't have a book, email me in your week, and I will be glad to have one for you.  Since you are a 'mystery' to the students, I am hoping that you will write five clues about yourself that I can give to the class as hints on the day of your reading.  I am requesting that these five clues be emailed to me at least one day prior to your visit.  I will read these clues to the children on the day of your visit.  I will start with Clue #1 and end with Clue #5.  As you get closer to Clue #5, you should start to make your clues a bit more revealing so that your child starts to recognize some of the information in the clues.  It is so much fun when students realize that their parent/relative/friend is the one who has written the clues and will soon be reading to our class! 

Here is a sample set of clues:

1.   My favorite book when I was in third grade was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
2.   I was the youngest child in my family growing up.
3.   My family has one dog as a pet.
4.   I love to watch The Voice with my family.
5.   My favorite family vacation is visiting our family cottage in Brainerd every summer.

We look forward to you joining us!!


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