Friday, March 17, 2017

March 17, 2017 News

The reading projects were absolutely outstanding!  Thank you for doing this (hopefully) fun project with your child and taking time out of your schedule.  One family commented that they plan to read another book together over Spring Break! 

This week, we continued our multiplication and division study of the facts 6-9.  When we return from spring break, we will do a quick review of what we have learned so far in multiplication and division and then begin the next chapter, which involves these concepts with larger numbers (i.e. 39x6).  On the blog, in the Helpful Info section, there is a document titled “Spring Break Multiplication Games.”  This document has a few games and resources for the children to practice their multiplication facts. 

We will continue to research our Minnesota owls after we return from spring break.  The children are eager to research on the computers after beginning with books the “old-fashioned way.” 

P.E. update: we will be in the Fieldhouse when we return from break, but then our next swimming unit will begin on April 20th. 

On the horizon for the week of April 17th are the practice ERB tests.  A letter will be coming home soon from Mrs. Preissing regarding these practice tests.  When we return from break, we will practice for these tests.  The children will go through the Tutorial to help them get acquainted to the format (all online).  For those of you with older children, you may remember the ERB tests.  In third grade, it is simply for practice to allow the children to experience taking a test online and to familiarize themselves with the format. 

Don’t forget that the Minnesota Amazing Race project is due Monday, April 24th.  If you need another copy of the directions, please refer to the link on the “Helpful Info” section on our class blog.  You can send in the video clip in on a flash drive, or email it to me (if it’s not too large of a file).  I will put them all together in one larger movie for our viewing pleasure.  More details to come!

Finally, enjoy spring break with your children.  Whether you are traveling or staying around town, I hope the break brings you all peace and rest!