Thursday, April 13, 2017

April 13, 2017 News

What a busy week!  We have enjoyed playing outside without our snow gear, despite that white stuff that flew into town earlier this week! 

Thank you for your help and support of the Minnesota Amazing Race destination project.  I have received several video clips.  I will be compiling them into one movie.  We plan to have a “movie release” party in late May (date TBA).  I am working on securing the theater!  Projects are due Monday, April 24th.

Our last Word Masters challenge is on Monday, May 1st.  The children absolutely love practicing on Quizlet Live with the vocabulary words.  I feel like they are pros already! 

We will swim again in PE beginning next Thursday, April 20th.  Your child will need to bring in their bag on or before that date.  As before, your child can decide if (s)he wants to hang their swim gear on our lockers or bring it home each night to dry.  Discuss what works best for your family. 

This week, Mrs. Heurung introduced Gratitude Journals to the children.  On Wednesday, they should have brought home their journal along with a letter from Mrs. Heurung.  We will be developing a habit or practice of gratitude for the next month as part of our Mindfulness program. 

Next week, the children will take the practice ERB standardized tests.  We spent some time this week discussing good test-taking strategies, along with practicing how to take a test online.  As Cathy Preissing mentioned in her letter, this is simply practice for the children.  We will have five tests and they are all scheduled for the mornings next week.  The different tests are Verbal Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Writing Mechanics, and two sections of Math.  I am sure your child will tell you all about it! 

Curricular highlights

We are almost done with our longer multiplication chapter.  Your children are becoming quite good at multiplying with regrouping.  We spent a lot of time looking at the place value behind the algorithm.  Our next chapter will be long division!  You can help your child at home by practicing the basic facts (i.e. 7x8, 24/3, 9x4, etc.). 

We wrapped up our Minnesota owl research and now the children are working on their final projects.  All children chose to do a PowerPoint presentation.  As you can imagine, they are highly motivated and engaged with this technology tool, changing the theme and adding in transitions.  I keep reminding them that the facts they include are most important.  J

On the horizon we will study maps and the geographical features of Minnesota.  


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