Friday, February 10, 2017

February 10, 2017 News

We have been keeping busy in third grade this week!  In our STEAM class, we are building furniture for our stuffed animals.  The children learned how to use a handsaw to cut their wood pieces.  They had to make their cut list and measure out their pieces before cutting the wood.  Be sure to ask your child about his/her piece of furniture!  Pictures will be up on the Photos section soon!

We will continue to skate in PE class next week on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. 

Reminder: it is a red, white, and pink non-uniform day next Tuesday, February 14 in celebration of Valentine’s Day.  We will celebrate in the classroom from 2-3pm with ice cream floats and a variety of other fun activities.
Repeat from last week: On Friday, February 17th, Breck is offering childcare for Lower School students from 8-3:30pm.  This is a faculty workshop day.  Space is limited to 35 students and there is more registration information on the Breck Bulletin Board (or contact Katie Peterson).   

Another repeat: Conferences are just around the corner!  I am very excited to have the opportunity to share with you all that your child has accomplished thus far in third grade.  We will also be able to discuss the next steps and what we hope to accomplish during the rest of the school year.  It would be great to have your child present if (s)he is available. 

Math update: this week, faculty spent two days in meetings with our math consultant, Cassy Turner.  She met with grade level teams to talk about our successes with our new program, Math in Focus, and helped us to look ahead as we plan our continued implementation.  It was good to hear her affirm how we are teaching math in our classrooms, and how engaged our students are with new vocabulary and problem-solving strategies.  One thing we heard loud & clear was to make sure our students are “fluent” with their math facts.  So, continue to practice these at home.  Monday night, approximately 35 parents attended Cassy’s "boot camp".  As one parent commented, "I need to be in school again to learn math this way."  Much of the session was "hands-on" for parents.  Peg Bailey took notes from Cassy’s presentation and they are attached here.  They can also be found on the Helpful Info section of the blog.

“Parenting Quiet Kids” ~ this is a complimentary online course for parents of 3 to 9 year olds offered exclusively to the Breck School community.  The handout can be found on the Helpful Info section of the blog or click here. 

Curricular highlights
Multiplication and divisionoh my!  The children have had lots of fun practicing facts this week.  They were very excited to get started with this chapter.  We did a quick fact check and will make some flash cards for those facts we are working on remembering. 

We continue to read general owl information and take notes.  We are learning so much about owls and raptors!  Next week, we will choose the owl we want to study and start some research. 

Don’t forget that our second Word Masters “meet” is Tuesday, February 21st. 


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