Saturday, January 21, 2017

January 20, 2017 News

Thank you to Noah Carlson, Susie Melnick, Robert Miller, Jakk Netland, and Julia Wilcox for accompanying us on our field trip to the Minnesota History Center on Friday.  We visited the “Then, Now, Wow!” exhibit that took us through different parts of Minnesota history.  We had a fun “scavenger hunt” that helped to guide the children through the exhibit.  We also took a class titled, “Logging in Minnesota” and had fun in the Grainland activity area.  Be sure to ask your child what (s)he learned at the museum. 

What a wonderful All-School Chapel we had on Tuesday to honor the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  The children were so attentive!  We had a chance to hear from the guest speaker, Winona LaDuke, and we were excited when we saw her in a documentary we are watching about Minnesota history.  In conjunction with our study of Dr. King, we were

In math, we have continued our bar modeling chapter, including two-step problems.  The children have described this chapter as fun, but tricky.  Most agreed that they can solve it using addition and subtraction, but find it challenging to draw the bar models that represent the work.  We will continue bar modeling next week.   

Next week, we will debrief from our field trip and discuss the Voyageurs in depth as they relate to our Minnesota history.  A note is coming home today about a special event that will take place next Thursday, January 26th.  Children will be able to take part in a bartering activity (see note).  We will also play a different bartering game that involves no verbal communication (we shall see how that goes!).  Lastly, we will read articles about specific Voyageurs. 

On Monday, our student teacher from South Korea arrives!  Miss Seeun Park is coming to us from Seoul National University and I had the chance to meet her on Friday afternoon.  She is very excited to be at Breck School and she cannot wait to meet the class on Monday morning! 


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