Friday, January 13, 2017

January 13, 2017 News

We have been working through our Bar Modeling chapter in Math.  This is a brand new concept to the children, and they have been doing a great job with it.  It has given us another chance to demonstrate our growth mindset and how we can learn something new, even though the knowledge may not come right away.  We will continue to practice bar modeling next week. 

We have focused on studying the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. this week.  These conversations have tied into this month’s C.A.R.E. theme of Tolerance.  During Writer’s Workshop, the children chose a quotation of Dr. King and wrote what it meant to them.  We sang and danced to songs about him.  We also practiced finding the evidence in an article about him.  Lastly, we read some poems and pictures, as well as watched part of his “I have a dream” speech online.  Next Tuesday, we will honor Dr. King during our All-School Chapel.  We will talk about peace and what that means to us.

We will travel to the Minnesota History Center next Friday, January 20th.  This is a REGULAR uniform day for the students.  Thank you in advance to our parent volunteers! 

The second Word Masters meet will be on Tuesday, February 21st.  I plan to send home more practice analogy tests over the next few weeks.  Keep studying the new words, but don’t forget the old ones, as some of them will appear on this second meet.  


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