Thursday, December 8, 2016

December 9, 2016 News

WOW!!!  What incredible scores on this week’s Word Masters challenge!  Your children seemed so proud of themselves.  They had an incredible time practicing the words with “Quizlet Live.”  What a motivating game to help study the words!  Be sure to ask your child how to play the game.  Our next “meet” will take place on February 21st.  Some of the vocabulary words from the first list may appear on the second and third meets, so children should continue to practice the words.  The second list of words came home on Wednesday.  Like with the first set of words, we will practice 2-3 each night to help break up the task of learning the new vocabulary words.  This process will begin after we return from winter break. 

Next Thursday, December 15th, is the annual Holiday Program in the Chapel.  The program for the whole Lower School community (Pre-4) will begin at 6:30pm.  Children should dress in semi-dressy attire and arrive to the classroom no earlier than 6:15pm.  ALSO, if you wouldn’t mind helping your child clean out his/her locker before or after the program, that would be wonderful!  Children can leave their winter gear (for Friday’s recess), but everything else non-essential should go home.   

Speaking of winter gearthe temperature sure has dropped outside this week!  I think we were all in shock on Tuesday as the blustery winds almost carried us away!  Now is a great time to make sure your child has all his/her winter gear available each day.  This includes: winter coat, snow pants, snow boots, hat, mittens or gloves, and anything else to keep your child warm.  We haven’t had much snow yet, but it’s only a matter of time, right? 

Our Holiday Party is next Friday, December 16th, from 9:00-10:00am.  Like Halloween, all third grade classrooms will be open for business and the children can visit each room.  This is a non-uniform day for everyone. 

Lost and Found items will be set out on tables in front of Gym C on Thursday and Friday of next week.   Please ask your children to check for their lost belongings before winter break.  

We have been busy bees working on a variety of writing projects.  The children were eager to take a couple of weeks and work on their own creative writing.  Most are writing fiction stories, and they have enjoyed the time to write freely.  After winter break, we will learn how to write a good paragraph.  This will lead us into informational writing. 

Tomorrow, we will take our last Word Study test until January.   

In math, we wrapped up our subtraction chapter, and the children have enjoyed being able to find the difference vertically.  After winter break, we will study bar modeling (this is a new concept that is introduced in the 2nd Grade curriculum of Math in Focus) before we learn about multiplication.  We will be using some of the 2nd Grade curriculum to teach bar modeling, as this would have been introduced then.  We will also be using some of the 2nd Grade curriculum with multiplication and division, as the 3rd Grade curriculum begins with the factors of 6-9. 

News flash: the children will have one last skating day after winter break on Tuesday, January 3rd.  After skating, the children will be in the Anderson Gym and will need tennis shoes.    

This will be the last blog entry until next year!  I hope you have a restful and meaningful holiday season ~ enjoy the time with family and friends.  Happy New Year!  School will resume on Tuesday, January 3rd.  


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