Friday, November 11, 2016

November 11, 2016 News

We celebrated three important historical dates in class this week.  We discussed the electoral college process to help us better understand the election.  The 41st anniversary of the disappearance of the Edmund Fitzgerald was on Thursday, November 10th.  We read the story, The Edmund Fitzgerald: Song of the Bell by Kathy-Jo Wargin and watched actual news footage from 1975.  You can listen to the song by Gordon Lightfoot here.  Today, we will celebrate Veterans Day by learning about the history of the holiday from the History Channel.  We did some reading comprehension activities to go along with this special day. 

Curriculum highlights: In Writer’s Workshop, we are learning about different kinds of leads that writers use.  We are trying our hand at writing different leads and we will begin publishing next week.  Feeder Watch also begins next week!  Our birding station is in the Loon Lodge (in the Lower School Library).  We are looking forward to recording the birds we will see at our feeders.  In Math, we went over the chapter assessment.  This was particularly challenging as the questions were more application-based of the concepts and skills the children have learned.  This is a different way of being assessed than the children are used to and we had a great conversation about how we can really think about math, rather than just compute problems.  

Repeat from last week: Grandparents and Special Friends Day is just around the corner on Wednesday, November 23rd.  If a grandparent is unable to come, your child can invite a special adult friend (aunt, uncle, neighbor, godparent, etc.)  This is a regular uniform day for Lower School students, and there will be no Extended Day, with dismissal at noon.  Your child and guest do have the opportunity to ride the bus home.  All registration is done online this year.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. 

Next Friday, November 18th, we will celebrate the “Hour of Code” with all of Lower School.  Third graders will have the chance to work with the Flappy Bird coding activity on laptops.  Your child will use his/her headphones/ear buds.  If your child does not have these, please send them in by next Friday.  On top of this fun activity, next Friday is also Pajama Day (another incentive from the “Breck Scares Hunger” event).  


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