Friday, October 28, 2016

October 28, 2016 News

Thank you to Anthony Braun and Sandy Stone for accompanying us to Fort Snelling today.  We learned so much at the fort.  Be sure to ask your child what (s)he learned.  You may want to prompt them about our different stations: Dred and Harriet Scott, the hospital, the blacksmith, the first school, the Indian agent office, and Colonel Snelling’s house to name a few. 

Next week, we will brush up on our birding skills as we practice for FeederWatch.  Our station will be right outside the Loon Lodge (located in the Lower School Library).  A couple weeks ago, we prepared by visiting the All About Birds website and learned how we can identify birds using four categories: size and shape, color patterns, behavior, and habitat.  The children have been busy learning Minnesota birds.  They are having fun with a bird identification activity book where they have colored the bird and researching different facts.  We will take some time to practice recognizing common MN birds that we may see at our feeders.  We will look at identification cards and interact with different bird pictures on the SmartBoard. 

We continue to discuss our Word Master words.  I am impressed with how well they have a handle on the definitions.  They are really practicing!  Soon, we will do a “Demonstration Analogy” page from the Word Masters company.  You may see these practice pages come home, too.

We have been practicing rounding numbers to the nearest ten and hundred in math this week.  Your children are doing well with these skills.  We have also talked about how we can determine if our answer to a problem is reasonable or not.  We will continue these conversations next week and review before our chapter assessment. 

Halloween is on Monday!  Your child should come dressed in his/her costume and the parade and sing-a-long (in the Anderson Gym) will begin at 8:40am.  We will have our third grade party after the sing-a-long, from approximately 9:30-10:30am.  If your child would like to bring in a change of clothes, that is totally fine! 


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