Friday, September 23, 2016

September 23, 2016 News

Thank you to Karen McKay and Kim Stiele for accompanying us on our River Rendezvous field trip today.  The forecast looks great (wahoo!) and the children will learn a lot of new information.  Perhaps your child will share a few tidbits with you this weekend? 

Curriculum highlights:
In social studies and science, we talked about glaciers across Minnesota thousands of years ago.  Ask your child what they remember about these glaciers (hint: they caused the lakes!).  Your children have been busy writing personal narrative small moment stories.  They have met with their writing partners and have received support in an encouraging way.  One student asked if he could have the same writing partner all year long because she was so helpful to him and he really liked working with her.  In math, we have been building larger numbers into the thousands and your children have been honing in on their place value skills.  We began to organize our math spirals (where we keep notes and practice problems) and your children are learning how to take notes.  The children had their first word study test on Thursday and did quite well!  The new word sort was already introduced and three choices are due next Friday, September 30th.

Book orders finally came home (your children were very excited to get them in their hands!) on Thursday.  Ordering is voluntary and can be done either online or via sending in a check with the paper order form.  Directions for ordering online can be found on the blog in the “Helpful Info” section under the link “Scholastic Note.”  


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