Thursday, September 15, 2016

September 16, 2016 News

Tomorrow is a Blue and Gold non-uniform day!  In the afternoon, we will attend the annual Homecoming Coronation in the Anderson Gym.  This community-building activity brings the whole school together to show Breck spirit!  Saturday morning at 11:00am is the Blessing of the Animals and 12:00pm is the Homecoming BBQ, if you and your family are interested.  Hopefully you are able to attend some of the festivities!

Another highlight of our week is we got to meet our Preschool Buddies!  Each child has a new friend with a preschooler from Mrs. McCool and Mr. Ginsburg’s preschool class.  We did a Venn Diagram where the buddies were able to discover similarities and differences with each other.  Be sure to ask your child about his or her buddy.  Check out the pictures in the Photos section!

Saturday (September 17th) is Constitution Day.  We will celebrate by watching a Charlie Brown video about what happened back in 1787.  It will lead to a conversation about our three branches of government and how we have a government “for the people,” with one chief executive officer.  Next week, we will begin talking about “long ago” in what we now know as Minnesota.  We will begin to answer our big question, “What was here?”  In science, we will discuss different aspects of phenology.  We will learn different Minnesota birds in preparation for our FeederWatch program (it begins in November).    

Don’t forget -- Picture Day is Monday, September 19th.  You can fill out the paper form or online.  We will have our pictures taken at 10:15am.

Your children have been engaged in Writer’s Workshop, where they are learning about writing small moments for personal narratives. We are learning different strategies, such as writing about a special person or place.  Next week, we will continue the conversation with other strategies: how you felt during a moment and writing with a storytelling voice and not a reporter voice.  Your children will have a chance next week to meet and actively engage with their writing partner as they share work with each other and gain constructive feedback.  We will talk about “encouragement, not discouragement.”

In math, we have been busy reviewing place value to 10,000.  This week, we made large numbers and worked closely with each place value.  Your children seem to have a good grasp of these skills so far!    

We learned another component of our Daily 5 this week: Work on Writing.  This is where the children have a choice in what they write.  Some students may write poems and songs, where others may write stories and letters to relatives. 

Has your child chosen his/her Minnesota destination yet?  Once your child has chosen his/her destination, let me know (a couple of you have already let me know).  I will compile a list so we can attempt to not have any repeats.  Remember to include information about why this place is an important Minnesota place, and what we can learn about Minnesota’s past, present, and/or future from visiting it.  Take a 3-minute (or less) video of your visit, and then bring it on a flash drive for me.  These videos are due Monday, April 24th.  My plan is to collect all the videos and create a class movie of Minnesota destinations to share with students and families at the end of the year (TBA in May 2017).  What a great way to discover all that Minnesota has to offer!

Halloween is on the horizon…we will celebrate on Monday, October 31st.  As a reminder, children should come in school-appropriate costumes without weapons and without face paint.  After our Halloween Parade in the morning, we will come back to the classroom for our 3rd Grade party (where all classrooms will be open for all third grade students) from 9:30-10:30am (with clean-up time included).  After, the children can change out of their costumes into more comfortable clothing if they choose.

As always, do not hesitate to contact me for any reason, small or large. I love working with your children and we are on our way to becoming a thoughtful and responsible community of learners.  


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